Thursday, January 29, 2009

Introduction to What Went Wrong

As many of you know, the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has surpassed 'craze' levels. It seems every female between the ages of 9 and 45 is reading with fanatical devotion. Fansites praising Edward Cullen's beauty and his and Bella's "everlasting true love" have sprung up like mushrooms in the much touted rainy forest of Forks, Washington.

But what is in these books? Harmless fluff? Deep romance? I'd say there's something much more sinister. Bella is shallow, self-obsessed, and so scared of change that her only ambition is to become an unchanging corpse and glue herself to another unchanging corpse for eternity. Edward is controlling, rude, and obsessed with Bella for no reason other than that he can't casually pry into her thoughts like her does with everyone else. Bella loves his beauty, he loves how delicious her blood smells.

Sadly, the series has potential, where a drug-like lust messes with the heads of two deeply flawed individuals. Instead, we are given 2000 pages of purple descriptions of Edward's beauty. The format this blog will take is as follows: my notes from each individual chapter, until the entire book is noted. What will follow will be a true scholarly analysis. My notes are rather snarky, and some strong language will be used. I'm posting them mainly for a laugh.

If you think Twilight is the best thing ever, feel free to flame me. Be warned, I shall be laughing.


  1. I think reading this blog has possibly made the rest of my week better. Do you mind if I quote parts of your blog? I'm doing a research paper about Twilight. It's mainly going to be on the abusive relationships with Edward/Bella, the creepy stalkerism, and other stuff that I haven't thought that much about yet.

  2. Feel free to quote anything you find. I'd be flattered.